Pasifika Wire Podcasts, Season 3 – 2022


Episode 1 – Qiane Matata-Sipu, Changing the Narrative for Indigenous Storytelling, Leadership and Taking NUKU Across the Motu

Media as we all know is often filled with negative stereotypes and

Edeficit narratives and everything that tells us we’re not good enough and I wanted to really change that.Creator & Founder NUKU: Qiane Matata-Sipu

Episode 2 – Daniel Faitaua First Pasifika Kiwi President of Foreign Press Association in London “Give Anything A Go”

You cannot stand back if you see an opportunity grab it! Because you don’t know when that will ever come back again and I think in this COVID world that we’re living in this has just reinforced that. Life is just too short way too short so if someone hands you a harmonica and says do you want to give it go don’t say nah,,, give it a go give anything a go Daniel Faitaua President Foreign Press Association in London

Episode 3 – Fa’anana Efeso Collins, the Path to Mayor of Auckland, Service to the Community, and Mentoring the Next Pasifika Politicians

It’s about humility and a desire to serve others for everyone’s benefit. It can’t just be my family that reap the rewards of well-paying jobs so that we can afford to get a mortgage for the apartment that we live in today. That should be everybody’s story and it’s not, in this city.Fa'anana Efeso Collins

Episode 4 – Wanda Ieremia-Allan: Uncovering History of Samoan literature with Niusipepa (newspaper) O le Sulu Samoa

It is our intellectual inheritance that provides key pathways into our different scientific, theological, and religious worlds.Wanda Ieremia-Allan