Podcast: Daniel Faitaua First Pasifika Kiwi President of Foreign Press Association in London “Give Anything A Go”

Daniel Faitaua has reached another milestone in his career as not only the first Pasifika TVNZ European correspondent based in London, but now the first Kiwi Pasifika president of the Foreign Press Association in London in its 134 year history.

PW spoke with the father of three while he was on assignment in Copenhagen, Denmark. He shares his love of journalism, his drive and passion to tell the stories, the impact of COVID-19, for which his interview with Invercargill nurse Jenny McGee, who cared for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was in intensive care with COVID-19 earned Daniel a nomination for the Foreign Press Association Media Awards in 2020

With more than 15 years experience in the industry, from his journey with his Samoan heritage and his home town of Christchurch moving onto London, Daniel offers some advice for the next generation of media practitioners.

You cannot stand back if you see an opportunity, grab it! Because you don’t know when that will ever come back again and I think in this COVID world that we’re living in this has just reinforced that. Life is just too short way too short so if someone hands you a harmonica and says do you want to give it go don’t say nah,,, give it a go give anything a go Daniel Faitaua President Foreign Press Association in London
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