Season 1 – 2020

Pasifika Wire Podcasts, Season 1 – 2020

Episode 1 – Barbara Edmonds, MP for Mana

We have to remember our communities, serve them and be able to make sure we fight for our Pasifika people here at the table and here at Parliament, never take that for granted.Barbara Edmonds

Episode 2 – Pelenato Sakalia – CEO of Pacific Business Trust

“I’ve tried to drive a simple agenda and the agenda is let’s understand the fundamentals and then let’s try and do the basics and do them well.”Pelenato Sakalia

Episode 3 – Pasifika women at the helm of Hamilton churches renovation project

“It was a huge leap of faith.”Felila Asiata-Feausi

Episode 4 – Pasifika Green MP, Teanau Tuiono

“We don’t need to be hyper consumers, especially the plastic stuff, which is terrible for the ocean. We don’t actually need it, it’s not good for us.” Teanau Tuiono

Episode 5 – Head of Media Association Solomon Islands talks social media and reporting on COVID-19

It’s been quite hard trying to get the right people to speak, especially everyone’s so busy with their work…Georgina Kekea

Episode 6 – Advocate talks racism and supporting Pasifika in South Island towns and cities

But why should I have to? Why should we wait for something like this to make you realise that you’re contributing to that discrimination? And if anything, we’re all in the same situation here. We’re trying to fight hate speech and racism.Melissa Lama

Episode 7 – Director of Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts centre on adapting during COVID-19

So we kept persevering trying to convince them that culture is important, it will always be important.Maryjane McKibbin-Schwenke