COVID-19 Traffic Light System Gone By Midnight Tonight

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has this afternoon made the announcement that the country has been waiting for after 927 days since the country and the world dealt with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The traffic light system will be gone as of midnight Monday 12th September 2022 since being introduced in January.

The Prime Minister says Cabinet has determined after reviewing Public health advice the traffic light system is no longer required. She cites COVID-19 cases being the lowest since February 2022, the “good level of vaccination” of the population, and access to anti-viral drugs as being the main reasons for the decision.

Mask use is still required in health settings such as hospitals, GPs, pharmacies, and aged care facilities.

Certain other organisations may still require mask use, but it is no longer a blanket government requirement. The Prime Minister asks that people respect all people’s decisions regarding the use of masks.