USP Pacific Students Prepare for Glasgow COP 26 Climate Talks

Seven postgraduate students from The University of the South Pacific (USP) will support the Fijian, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu Government delegations by observing the negotiations that will be fundamental to securing the future of our planet during the COP 26 United Nations Climate Change Summit.

The core group will be supported by an additional ten USP students, who will provide research and analytical briefings that will be essential working documents for the core group.

Professor Vanualailai says, “I wish our USP students the best as they prepare for the November climate summit. Remember, you are not only climate youth ambassadors – you are The University of the South Pacific’s young climate ambassadors.”

USP PaCE-SD, Master of Science in Climate Change student and PaCE-SD Student Association President, Ms Salote Nasalo is enthusiastic and empowered to support the Fijian delegation at the Glasgow climate summit.

Ms Nasalo says as environmentalists and climate change advocates and future leaders for our Oceania, youth advocates must not wait on their Governments and civil societies for actions on climate change.

“We are ordained as custodians of our fenua, vanua and our land, passed down from our forefathers and we should keep it for our future generations.”

Ms Nasalo encouraged her peers with her ‘Be the Change’ mantra.

The COP 26 event from November 1 – 12 will be hosted by the United Kingdom in partnership with Italy and will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Image credit: The University of the South Pacific