Niue and New Zealand Sign Statement of Partnership

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Premier Dalton Tagelagi signed a new Statement of Partnership between New Zealand and Niue during talks in Wellington today.  The new Statement of Partnership reflects the long-term cooperation on priority areas such as climate change, economic resilience and improved prosperity and the preservation of Niue’s culture and language.

The statement also highlights areas of renewed cooperation arising from the pandemic, notably support for the health response and Niue’s economic recovery.

Prime Minister Ardern says, “Niue and Aotearoa New Zealand share deep whakapapa connections and our bonds remain strong. My talks with Premier Tagelagi were warm we were able to exchange views on issues of importance for both our countries.”

Niue’s Premier Dalton Tagelagi said the official visit to New Zealand and the signing of the Statement of Partnership marks a historic watershed moment in the relationship between both countries.

“Our friendship has stood the test of time it will soon be 50 years since Niue began its status as a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand.

The Statement of Partnership reaffirms the vision of our leaders under the Niue Constitution in 1974, and the continued obligation of support and assistance from New Zealand to Niue, ” says Premier Tagelagi.

Premier Tagelagi notes that the challenges of the pandemic and climate change continue to place significant demands on Niue but that the small island nation is learning to adapt.

Image credit: Office of the Secretary of Government Niue/Facebook