Facebook Launch Prompt to Encourage Voters in Samoa Ahead of General Election

Facebook is set to launch an Election Day prompt to encourage voters to get out and vote ahead of Samoa’s General Election on April 9.

The prompt will be available in Samoan and English and will encourage Samoans to vote and direct voters to further election information on the Office of the Electoral Commission’s website. This prompt supports a range of integrity measures Facebook will have in place ahead of the upcoming election.

In a written statement Facebook outline other election integrity measures to include:

  • Providing access to Facebook’s advertising library. This is live and anyone can learn more about political ads during the election, including the range of impressions and spend, as well as aggregated demographic information, such as age, gender and location, about the people who saw the ad.
  • Removing fake accounts.
  • Supporting and working closely with the Office of the Electoral Commission, political parties and other electoral authorities throughout the campaign period.

Nick McDonnell, Head of Public Policy for New Zealand and Pacific Islands says, they want to make sure Samoan’s have access to credible information about the election and encourage them to get out and vote on Election Day.

For further information on Facebook’s election integrity https://www.facebook.com/gpa/resources/election-integrity

Image credit: Facebook.com